In the icy depths of January, in the middle of Manhattan, in the grip of a transit strike, when the contingency taxi plan called for being in the office before sunrise, a friend of ours passed a co-worker in the hallway and heard her say, “Pitchers and catchers in three weeks.” The coming of baseball, the dawning of spring training, offered enough promise to light up the morale of a couple of benighted souls, with the memory of summer afternoons. Spring training this year started for the Atlanta Braves on February 15, and their first “cactus league” game took place on February 23, renewing a uniquely American rhythm and rhyme. The Braves’ season will open March 28 in Philadelphia, and Atlantans will enjoy their home opener on April 1 at SunTrust Park.

The impact of spring training on the spirit of winter-weary workers in the north, just knowing that their home teams are already embarked on the warm, sunny, hopeful journey to October, can go unnoticed by some, particularly here where our climate is kinder. To others, spring training is just the glimpse of sunshine they need, a reminder and reassurance of re-birth. But the symbolic signals of spring training are only part of its story.

The practical impact of spring training is substantial, too, and it serves as a reminder of some of the winning factors behind Chastain Park new construction. Fitness is just the starting point. The muscle memory of success is brought back, the all-around awareness that a situational game like baseball demands, and the communication of that awareness, moment to moment that yields teamwork and timing, all these are the reasons-why behind spring training. The thrills and inspiration are what follows.

A key skill that gets refreshed in spring training is knowing where to position yourself on the field. Even the best players can’t get everywhere fast enough to make the play if they have too far to go. Applying that lesson to Atlanta living has led some fortunate residents to the homes of Chastain East. The perfect blend of proximity to Atlanta’s largest park, the bounty of Buckhead, some of the city’s most sought-after schools, and an easy “base path” to cosmopolitan Atlanta, make this area the choice of people who prepare thoroughly and search with care.

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