The value of getting together, the good business sense of dealing face-to-face, the value that transcends synergy, making two-plus-two equal five – these advantages have been served with elegance and a quality of service beyond competence where the Whitley stands in Buckhead, for a good many years. Business leaders made it a preferred locale for important conferences for a generation.

Sited on the familiar and fortunate grounds where the Ritz Carleton brand made one of its first and most lasting statements about European-style service, the Whitley’s own allure – and its ability to attract and host interesting guests, events, and conferences – has made it one of Atlanta’s 10 best luxury hotels, as recognized by Today, the Whitley is an integral component of the work-play-prosper life here, and its proximity is part of the value of the homes for sale in Buckhead.

Now a premier part of the Luxury Collection of Marriott International, and named for an early Atlanta business leader, the Whitley continues to fulfill the role of a first-call choice for meetings and conferences, prestigious social occasions, and Buckhead visits where both luxury and access are important.

At New Year’s Eve a year ago, the Whitley Hotel made its debut. With a celebration themed on the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, the Whitley welcomed Atlantans and visitors from around the world to a coming-out party that recalled the care-free elegance of the Twenties, made familiar to modern audiences by the novel and by two gorgeous and well-attended films. The party was a memorable success, as is the Whitley itself today, offering Buckhead-skyline-view suites, a spa, and a prestigious venue for social, business and civic events, with a background of timeless elegance and up-to-the-minute energy.

This month, the Club Lounge at the Whitley is closed for updates, getting a new look and feel to serve the Club-Level rooms and executive suites with breakfast, light snacks, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and desserts in an atmosphere that harmonizes with the blend of sophistication, tradition, and modern energy found throughout the property. To fulfill The Luxury Collection-stated goal of defining the destination, the Whitley has a lot to live up to in Buckhead. One year after opening in Great Gatsby style, the Whitley is well on its way.

If you’re desiring a weekend getaway, visit the Whitley Hotel, located just a short drive away from Chastain East.