Thanks to the creative and tireless efforts of the PATH Foundation toward making Metro Atlanta the most trail-connected city in the U.S., the homes for sale in Chastain Park are among the many neighborhoods that today enjoy the healthy, fun connections that walkers, runners, cyclists, skaters, families, and even commuters find in Atlanta’s network of off-road trails.

Since 1991, the Foundation has made Atlanta’s system of linear parks the “emerald necklace” that connects our city’s neighborhoods with each other and with the heritage of our forested region. Three years of study grounded the Foundation in the experience logged by other communities and helped formulate a master plan for Atlanta’s trails. Carefully establishing the “PATH Standard” for trail construction in their earliest demonstration trails, the Foundation from the beginning inspired confidence and attracted both public and private support.


The Economics of Green

The homes for sale in Buckhead were among the first to realize the all-around benefits of our green connection, to preserve open space, create cohesive neighborhoods and attract clean economic development. Still growing, the PATH system of trails now comprises 33 miles of green and growing by-ways, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Atlantans each year.

The Chastain Park Trail is just the beginning of the natural beauty that continues inspiring Chastain Park new construction. Neighbors choose from a Blue Trail of 3.1 miles, a Red Trail around the Chastain Park Golf Course, and a Gold Trail that runs 1.6 miles along West Wieuca Road. These scenic greenways invite athletes and families, nature lovers and office refugees to breathe easy and reconnect with the natural beauty of our fortunate region.


Active Attraction for the Virtual Generation

The importance of green in attracting the people who drive the 21stcentury economy is not to be underestimated. More than any generation in memory, the creators and entrepreneurs of the digital age place lifestyle among their highest career priorities. When asked what they look for first from a city in which to make their careers, they don’t hesitate to ask how bike-friendly it is, or what provisions might be for running and outdoor exercise. Atlanta has succeeded in attracting this generation of economic drivers in no small part because of the answers that our trail system puts us in a position to give.