Being receptive is a two-way street, and Atlanta notched still another example recently when the Buckhead Development Review Committee prompted Simon Properties to direct Phipps Plaza architects, The Beck Group, to craft an entry that was more receptive to pedestrians – in appearance and function – than the initial design. This impulse harmonizes well not only with the vision of the Phipps Plaza transformation, but also sorts well with the spirit of plans and designs all around Buckhead and Atlanta as a whole. In this instance, the Phipps Plaza project holds particular significance for Chastain Park new constructionand the homes for sale in Buckhead.


Greener Within

Another development within the development in the Phipps Plaza project is the enhancement of a grassy portion of the property that lies currently outside the parking deck. Trees, a walkway, and outdoor seating will be added for a more definitively park-like setting.

The Committee is encouraging the developer to bring that new park space to life, after completion, by including outdoor fitness provisions and play space and by cooperating with the programming of civic and arts events. Again, this recognition that marrying nature with development is integral to how things are done in Atlanta today, as exemplified in many instances, including the homes for sale in Chastain Park.


Lenox Square Rides On and On

We often forget what a ground-breaking development was the Lenox Square Mall, because Lenox was so influential – not only in Atlanta, but also across the nation – that the things it pioneered became “just the way things are done” nationwide. Today, the rolling, ongoing, continual nature of its transformation is the lesson it is teaching the retail industry.

Lenox owners, the Simon Property Group, provide yet another reason for confidence in the future of Lenox Square. An S&P 100 company, the Simon Property Group is a recognized authority in making retail property into mixed-use destinations that offer wider appeal and a broader base of business model. Proof resides in Simon’s success in presenting premier, world-class entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences for enduring profit.


Hub and Heartbeat

The location of these reinvented properties is, at the same time, the cause and the effect of their ongoing success. Close by the Lenox and Buckhead MARTA stations, they invite their share of the renewed interest in pedestrian traffic that is so prominent in 21stcentury Atlanta plans. Adjoining GA 400 and the planned linear, elevated trail and greenspace above it, their relevance promises to continue and even to increase.