When rail travel was king, Atlanta grew up as the crossroads of a region. When the interstate highway system transformed where Americans lived and shopped and worked, Atlanta was a hub for the nation. Fulfilling that role, though, connected us with a lot of concrete, and eventually what helped us move began to sometimes slow us down.

In the 21stCentury, Atlanta is well established as a vital link in the global grid of an increasingly knowledge-based economy. Our momentum today brings with it a new resourcefulness in how we get around the city that offers us so much opportunity. This resourcefulness shows up in the value of the homes for sale in Chastain Park and the homes for sale in Buckhead, to name just two of the places that profit from the vision.


Trading Four Wheels for Two

Part of the vision involved transforming Atlanta into a bike-friendly city. In fact, economic development experts cite a bike-friendly environment as one of the first things many young drivers of today’s economy seek when they decide where they want to live and work. Seeing this, Atlanta began years ago to build just such a backdrop, and last year 720,000 bike trips coursed through just the Midtown portion of the biking environment we created there.

Thanks to a system of measurement devices put in place to monitor the needs of our bike-friendly city, and the direction of our efforts to fulfill them, we can pinpoint the growth areas the need the most attention, like the single corridor that saw a 225% increase in bicycle use over just the two years of 2015-2017.

Atlanta put in place a public bike-access program called Relay Bike Share in 2016, and the acceptance and usage of it further confirm the importance of the bicycle in attracting the 21stCentury workforce and facilitating their productivity here.


Following the Green Path to Prosperity

More and more, Atlanta residents greet each other on foot as they enjoy the extraordinary Beltline. This 22-mile loop, connecting 45 Atlanta neighborhoods, already brightens the experience of living here, with its jog-able, stroll-able, and, yes, bike-friendly swaths of greenspace. The Beltway is not only a source of recreation, but also has proven to build the value of retail and residential development, like Chastain Park new construction, all along the way.

The vitality of Chastain Park new construction is one result of this awareness. Let’s talk about the patterns that emerge from this knowledge and what they could mean for your home or investment plans.