Buckhead In the Movies

Rising rapidly from the No. 3 U.S. movie production center in 2015 to No. 1 in 2017, Georgia has consciously developed its capacity to attract and facilitate filmmakers. Atlanta is at the forefront of Georgia’s movie-business success, and Georgia’s tax benefits alone, while vital, would not have accomplished this all alone if not for the talent, facilities, and lovely locations of Buckhead.

This phenomenon is not just flattering. It’s a real money-maker. Film and TV production brought $9.5 billion into the state last year. Most of that came to Atlanta, and a great deal of that was centered on Buckhead, with obvious benefits to the value of the homes for sale in Buckhead and of Chastain Park new construction.

Every Style and Period – To the Trained Eye

Stately homes are among the first things many people think of, when Buckhead is mentioned. Indeed, the accessibility of gracious living here was one of the factors that built Buckhead over the decades, from a getaway for the wealthy to a community where people can live, work, play, and thrive without traveling far at all.

Yet, even though Buckhead enjoys a measure of consistency in how its architecture is blended, the trained eye of a movie location scout – or a real estate professional – can find nearly any style of home, representing any period, from historic to energetic, like the homes for sale in Chastain Park.

For Filming and For Living

For grandeur, it’s hard to beat The Swan House, near the Atlanta History Center. Though designed and built in 1928, it appears centuries older, and yet figures prominently in the futuristic Hunger Games films.

A midcentury modern home near Chastain Park lent its stone façade and its graceful blend with surroundings to a recent production that featured Martin Sheen. And not far away is a more traditional take on post-war prosperity in the form of a shuttered cottage with a New England sense of line, but with trees and landscaping that only the South could provide.

Filmmakers value the homes of Buckhead not only for filming, but also for living. While local crews and actors are part of what brings production companies to Atlanta, nearly every top film production brings producers, directors – and stars – to Atlanta. They require a real residence for the two to five months of shooting that typify a feature film, and the rentals paid for these homes typically run tens of thousands of dollars.

The movie business is just one example of how Atlanta has thrived because of its ability to attract creative and innovative people and businesses. We’d be glad to talk with you about the impact of that attractiveness on the value of a home at Chastain East.