Bringing the Standards Back Up to the Name

The updates to the Bobby Jones Golf Course that were announced last fall will offer 18 holes of golf, a driving range, and a tennis center in a spot that’s particularly convenient for Chastain Park new construction and the homes for sale in Buckhead.

Originally conceived as a renovation by the Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation, the work instead proceeded as a thorough redesign. The scope gained depth when Foundation president Marty Elgison saw that far more than renovation was called for, to uphold the standards that lifetime Atlanta resident Bobby Jones demonstrated throughout his career.

Not only did the historic name demand excellence, but the game of golf today also called for greater accessibility, faster play, and more fun. The result next year will be a nine-hole reversible course, with a driving range and provision for golf lessons to grow the game. Tennis, too, will be offered at the site, a further advantage to the homes for sale near Chastain Park.

A Lot for the Course to Live Up To

Bobby Jones so completely lived up to his legend that it’s hard to think of a sports figure today who even compares. His mastery of the game of golf was truly phenomenal, so fluid and natural-looking that it was easy to overlook Jones’s intense study of technique. His approach to golf was so refined that it ultimately changed the way golf is taught and played. Yet Jones was no revolutionary. You might say he changed the game gently with a self-effacing personal style that contrasted with the newly-famous professional golfers who had begun to crop up in his era.

For one thing, Bobby Jones remained staunchly an amateur. That was true not only technically – he never accepted prize money. But the thing that made this decision touching was the classic sense of “amateur” he demonstrated, one who proceeds from love of his sport. Jones was an Atlanta attorney, like his father before him, and that was his sole profession, despite becoming the most famous golfer in the world. Jones won all four of the top tournaments of golf – U.S. and U.K, amateur and open – in a single calendar year. And his sportsmanship is truly the stuff of legends.

The Family Would Be Pleased

“I’m incredibly proud of this,” Elgison said.

As the Jones family’s attorney, he is steeped in the spirit of sportsmanship and love of golf that Bobby Jones represents. His work with the course designer for the updates, Bob Cupp, has been tireless, and the widespread community support and funding testifies to that commitment.