Fostering Values: Spotlight on Schools in Buckhead and Chastain Park

Whether they are moving to Atlanta, or long-time residents changing locale, the people who consider the homes for sale in Buckhead or the attractive Chastain Park new construction nearby find much to encourage their choice when they look at the area schools. There are many stories that go together to make up a picture of extraordinary achievement and opportunity. Here, we’ll have a closer look at three of the schools that contribute to this positive influence on young lives, as well as on the desirability of Buckhead and the homes for sale in Chastain Park.


Warren T. Jackson Elementary School

Ranked first among the 50 elementary schools of the Atlanta School District by, Jackson Elementary excels not only in the scores its students reach in standardized tests, but also in the equitable distribution of those scores. rated Jackson Elementary 10 out of 10 for the test scores themselves, and also 10/10 for the achievement of those scores by students with a variety of backgrounds.

The record speaks well of principal Brent McBride, certainly. Yet, just as interesting is the contribution of the PTA to a learning environment that makes achievement a natural result, yet another example of the Atlanta willingness to pitch in. Thanks to PTA initiatives, Jackson Elementary students enjoy outdoor learning environments through the Jackson Gardens program. Classes can convene occasionally on a nature trail, or even a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Other PTA initiatives at Jackson Elementary include a Wellness Week to promote health and exercise through awareness, teacher, and staff appreciation events, as well as music and theatre programs, including a popular Spring Musical.


Sutton Middle School

The Cougars of Sutton Middle School, grades six through eight, like those of Jackson Elementary, benefit from availability of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Sometimes compared with Advanced Placement (AP) programs, but available in elementary and middle schools as well as high schools, the students in International Baccalaureate classes take a more active role in engaging each other on the subjects they are studying. A class discussion might be led by the student reporting on a book or a play or a movie, with classmates asking about the aspects that pique their own curiosity.

IB was established in Switzerland during the late 1960s and encourages students to examine a topic from the viewpoints of more than one academic subject. The interdisciplinary approach helps develop critical thinking, leaving students with strengths in how to think, as life continues to present new information.


North Atlanta High School

When North Atlanta High School was formed in the 1991-92 school year by merging North Fulton High School and North Atlanta High, it was the only Atlanta school to combine two of Atlanta Public Schools’ magnet programs, the International Studies Program and the Performance Arts Program. North Atlanta High still carries on the momentum of those missions.

Last year’s Milestones Assessment showed North Atlanta High excelling beyond the all-Georgia and all-Atlanta ratings on subjects as diverse as Literature & Composition, Geometry, Biology, and Business/Economics.

The confidence inspired by schools like these plays a part in the steadily building value of select Atlanta real estate, and in the desirability of homes like the custom-designed, single-family homes of Chastain East.