As Atlanta residents rang in the new year, a Gatsby-themed party at the Whitley Hotel carried with it into the dawn a new era of luxury that, once again, chose Buckhead for its distinctive setting. The Whitley is the wise successor that established itself on the site of the time-honored Ritz-Carlton, for many years a cornerstone of Buckhead’s unique blend of refinement and passion, of tradition, and energy.

Just as the New Year’s Eve party at the Whitley looked back to a time of elegance and exploration, the Whitley itself reminds us that the whole idea of luxury grows and changes with Atlanta, as it does among the people who bring our city to life. This new idea – the new luxury – certainly is reflected in Chastain Park new construction, as it is across the horizon of homes for sale in Buckhead.

A Heritage of Getting It Right

On that site, and for generations, the Ritz-Carlton exemplified a European-inspired view of luxury, one that Ritz co-founder and longtime president Horst Schulze – already a noted Atlanta hotelier – helped to define.

The style of luxury Schulze engendered for Ritz-Carlton was once described this way: “I was in Brussels on business. With the time change I awoke just before my wakeup call was to come. In the light under my hotel room door I could see the shadow of the shoes of the waiter who was standing in the hall, waiting to hear my phone ring before he knocked with my coffee and croissant.”

The attentive service for which Ritz-Carlton was known brought visitors from around the world to Buckhead, visitors who not only could have stayed at any other hotel in Atlanta, but also frequently business people who could have held their conference anywhere else in the United States.

Redefined for a New Century

As one of the hotels selected for The Luxury Collection of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, the Whitley adds the taste of the 21st Century to the tradition of luxury people expect.

Simplicity is often the hallmark of what designers call “The New Luxury.” Clarity and usefulness seem like good principles to follow in an age where all our technology seems unable to slow down the pace, where our conveniences seem always to come with a trade-off, where fanfare is suspect, where the elaborate looks like a waste of time. Today, we suspect preliminaries might be misdirection, and we’re drawn to directness.

This smart preference for practicality is reflected in the design of our personal environments, like the homes for sale near Chastain Park. And you can see it too in the way our favorite neighborhoods are laid out today. People increasingly choose to live nearer where they work, play, and enrich their experience of living, more inclined to see treasures like Chastain Park and the High Museum as part of the neighborhood, rather than as destinations.